[PDF] A Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Arun Bahl PDF

A textbook of Organic Chemistry by Arun Bahl PDF is available here.
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The language of this book is simple, explanations clear, and presentation very systematic.

Concepts that usually confuse the students are explained in a step-by-step manner.
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1. Introduction.
2. Puri’fioation of Organio Compounds.
3. Composition of Organio dompounds.
4. Empirical and Moleoular Formula.e. Determins.tion of Molecular Weights
5. Structure of Orga.nic molecules. Classical Concept.
6. Structure of Organio Molecules. Modern Concepts
7. Isomerism
8. Organio Reactions and Their Mechanisms.
9. Cla.ssification and Systematic Nomenclature.
10. Alkanes.
11. Alkenes.
12. Alkynes.
13. Halogen Derivatives.
14:. Orga.no-Meta.Ui~ Compounds.
15. Aliphatic Alcohols.
16. Alipba.tic Alco~ols’ (Continued).
17. Thioalcohols Imd Thioethers.
18. Ethers.
19. Aldehydes and Ketones.
20. Carboxylic Acids.
21- Dicarboxylio Acids.
22. Substituted Acids.
23. Acid Derivatives.
24. Esters.
25. Acetoacetic Ester and Malonic Ester.
**and more 27 Topics are available in PDF


Book NameA Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Arun Bahl PDF
AuthorArun Bahl, B.S. Bahl
PDF Size227MB
Total Pages916
Download LinkAvailable ✅


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