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Domains of Delight PDF: Follow the method outlined in the Domains of Delight for creating your domain for use in your adventure.

In places where the document implies you can decide on the fly what triggers something (such as in “Weird Magic” section) you need to define what occurs or give the DM a short list of options appropriate for your domain.

If it is something presented to only be used if you need to create something on the fly, then the use of the tables is optional, such is the case for Feywild Guides.

You can use the tables in that section as inspiration or for creating NPCs. A few sections need additional guidance for use in D&D Adventurers League and are presented below.

General Guidelines

You can create your own DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventures for D&D Adventurers League set in a fey domain of your own design using The Wild Beyond the Witchlight and Domains of Delight or set it in the domain of Fablerise as presented in Domains of Delight.

This document provides design guidance for these adventures. Domains of Delight can be found for sale in the DMsGuild.


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